Today we start to share the information about Access to the conference. Here you will get the official information:

We decided to use classic Microsoft Teams meeting with no recording to have the best option for our Speaker and Attendees. We don´t want that our Speaker are having their sessions and speaking into a dark black hole and have to think about every word. Speaker and Attendees should talk very open and free about products, usecases and we want to have discussions at the end of every session.

For an awesome SharePoint Saturday Cologne with a very open mindshift and discussion like a inperson event at Cologne.


  • everyone is welcome
  • a lot of local sessions in German
  • Microsoft Teams Meeting only for registered Attendees (security)
  • no Lobby
  • Room Owner for support (attendees/ speaker) and as a “sheriff” of the Room
  • no recording
  • Slide sharing in a second mail to only all attendees
  • feedback via Microsoft Forms

How we use your name & Email:

  1. Email to all attendees -> Microsoft Teams links for Rooms, virtual bar and Keynotes ( 2 days, 1 days before the event, 1 at the event day)
  2. Email to all attendees -> Link to the slides, which we get & information to the next SharePoint Saturday 2021

We don´t sell your information and we don´t share it to other people. You will only get these two emails.

Order your ticket and grap the Access links and slides

end: 03. September 2020, 8 pm

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